PARTNERS IN REHAB is an authorized Functional Assessment Centre (FAC) approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). 

Assessments conducted include:

  • Vision Waiver Functional Assessment
  • Driving Assessment for Medical Reasons

The Team Includes:

  • Registered Occupational Therapist (Member of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists)
  • Referring Physician/Family Doctor
  • Certified Driving Instructor (Member of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists)
  • Equipment Vendors who supply assistive devices and vehicle modifications for drivers with physical impairments

Driver Rehabilitation Services include:

  • In-clinic assessment of the physical, visual and cognitive skills required for driving and the driver’s ability to manage the rules of the road
  • On-the-road driving evaluation in the driving instructor’s vehicle that is customized for driving assessments and vehicle modifications
  • Driver training with the use of adaptive vehicle eqauipment if necessary
  • Recommendations for adaptive vehicle equipment if required
  • Remedial in-car driving lessons to improve driver skills
  • Recommendations for maintaining safe driving ability
  • Reporting of driving evaluation/assessment outcomes to the referring physician and client
  • Consult with family, vendors, MTO and others, as specified by the client with written consent

Who may need a driving assessment / rehabilitation?

  • An individual with a medical condition thatmay affect their ability to drive .
  • An Individual with vision loss below the Ministry of Transportation requirements and has acceptance into the Vision Waiver Program
  • An Individual who has the need for assistive devices or vehicle modifications due to a disability

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legal age to drive
  • In stable health
  • Meets Ministry of Transportation  requirements for driving related to vision
  • Must be seizure-free
  • Possess a valid driver’s licence or the ability to obtain a one day temporary licence
  • Physician referral with  pertinent information to include diagnosis and driving concerns


$690.00 fee for initial assessment (in clinic and in car).  Additional cost for an in-car reassessment and driver training sessions will be charged, if  needed.

Outcomes of Functional Driving Assessment:

  • You are safe to drive
  • You are safe to drive with vehicle modifications and training
  • You may require further driver training and a re-assessment
  • You are not safe to drive